AV Homes

I recently finished directing a ten day project in Orlando, Florida for AV Homes. Our client was Brad Ghormley at Catapult Strategic Design. Long days but a fun project produced by Jean Davis. Rick Pease was our director of photography and Frank Salle was our second unit director. The project was for an active adult community called Solivita.

A funny story from the project was about 12 years ago I was hired to produce a series of photographs for a home builder near Orlando. They wanted to shoot the project in Arizona since they did not have anything yet built to show. I had forgotten all about it until I walked into the Solivita sales office last June. I looked up at the displays hanging on the walls and I said to myself, “These photos look familiar”.  Turns out it was the same client, completely different agency. One of the photos even included my golden retriever Noah. Small world.

We shot a combination of live action, green screen and time lapse to illustrate five new videos for their sales office. The videos will talk about everything from the location of the community in Central Florida, the company of AV Homes and include time lapse of the new model homes being built over the next four months. I said we shot green screen. We actually had to shoot blue screen. It’s so green in Kissimee where we were located that if we used green everything would have disappeared.

The videos include a series of animations and the final assembly and edit is being handled by Mark Trengrove over at Bladecuts.

Special thanks to John Atkinson for bringing out his jib and Steve Braun for our grip/electric package.

As the project progresses I will be putting up some samples.

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I am a commercial photographer and filmmaker living in Phoenix, Arizona. I specialize in working with people. View all posts by David Schmidt Film & Multimedia

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