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Social Video Ad Campaigns

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I subscribe to daily e-mails from ReelSeo and saw this post regarding the top 20 social videos for the month of March. There is a touching spot by Budweiser called “Brotherhood” about a man’s relationship with his Clydesdale. There is the “God Made a Farmer” spot with Paul Harvey’s voice. Both of the original spots were introduced during the Super Bowl.

I had the pleasure of photographing Paul for Parade Magazine once. He and his wife were so gracious. I was told by his manager that he only had 30 minutes to give me but I ended up spending a couple of hours with him talking and hearing stories. That time spent, it’s one of the reasons I love my job.

The interesting thing about most of the spots is they were originally created for broadcast and therefore limited in duration. They’ve been re-edited for the web and made longer. The stories are richer now. They create more emotion and the use of the “pause” brings so much depth to them.

I see more and more companies are using the web and social media to get their message out. It’s important when creating your video campaigns to remember that there will be more and more uses of what is created during the initial production.

The importance of putting video on your website.

Since I enjoy shooting motion so much, of course it makes sense to look into ways to continue. I’m seeing more and more companies looking to add video to their websites. Rather than try and repeat what I have read I am going to copy a few articles I have seen that can explain things much more eloquently than I.

Look here.

Here’s an article from Business Week.

Here is a series by Rebecca Appleton.

Although this article doesn’t speak specifically to video, it does talk about the importance of keeping your content current. From my good friend Ed Tankersley.

If you want to understand the process a little better, I would look at Here is their website I subscribe to their newsletter and although some of the stuff I read about Google analytics just bores me to tears there is a huge amount of valuable information. Just looking at the Glossary in their menu options will help you so much to understand the process of adding video to your site.

A lot of the information they gives tells you how to shoot your own videos. That’s an option but for reasons why it’s not a good one, look at this post.