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Well, for that kind of money we’ll just buy the cameras and shoot it ourselves.

I think I charge a fair price for my services but I actually heard this from a client several years ago. I was asked to bid on a project for a pool building company. They wanted to create a portfolio of some of the pools they had built. The project included scouting all the pools, deciding what time of day would be best to photograph them, working with the pool company to make sure every feature was functioning properly and that the pools looked their best, coordination with all home-owners and actually photographing the pools.

Some of the pools had elaborate water and lighting features so they would have to be professionally lit and shot at dusk. They had a list of over twenty pools they wanted photographed all over the city.

After the owner of the company told me they would buy the cameras, the marketing person called me to apologize. He said that the owner was rather bull headed and what would more than likely happen would be they would buy the cameras and shoot the pools and when they realized how bad everything looked they would hire a professional to go back and do things right. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be me because the owner would be too embarrassed to admit he had made a mistake.

With all the features on modern cameras and consumer grade NLE programs like Imovie, Premiere Elements, and Sony Vegas it really has gotten easier to create your own web videos. Everyone has a nephew/uncle/daughter/friend that has a video camera. I’ll bet that video camera even came with some sort of editing software. Most anybody can shoot something, drop it into the software, add a title and call themselves a filmmaker but what is going to look like? What is it going to sound like? What about music? Voice over?

I had a boss a long time ago tell me, “Ya gotta look like you’re worth it.” When we went out on assignment our equipment was state of the art. It was well maintained and tested regularly. Everything was organized and no matter what happened on a job we were prepared. That lesson has lived with me and being just slightly obsessive/compulsive it comes easily.

Why would you try and convince your customers to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your goods and services with a marketing video created by your nephew/uncle/daughter/friend?

I believe creating your own content without experience is a little bit like asking your accountant to produce your advertising. He may understand your business and he may even understand your marketing efforts but does he understand the best way to get your products and services out to your potential customers?